Kuda Saddles Australia

Premium Quality Flexible Tree Saddles from the US!

Kuda Saddles Australia was established in late 2013 so is still a relatively recent addition to Holistic Equine Sports Therapy (H.E.S.T.). Owner, Dianne Pascoe, is a qualified equine sports massage therapist (A.C.A.T.T. 2004) and saddle fitter.

H.E.S.T. was established in July 2004 and since then Dianne has run a busy equine sports therapy business in the Hepburn Shire and Macedon Ranges of Victoria, Australia. As a result of many years treating sore backed horses, due mostly to ill fitting saddles, Dianne decided to find a way to deal with the source of the problem rather than continually dealing with the result.

After almost 10 years promoting and selling treeless saddles, Dianne became frustrated by their limitations. Saddle instability was the greatest source of annoyance. Also, due to rider weight distribution, the weight limit imposed on treeless saddles (and rightfully so) was also a frequent disappointment for many riders. However, Dianne was determined not to return to the use of treed saddles as she knew this was not the answer either.

In early 2013, Dianne discovered Kuda Flex Saddles and after many, many hours of testing, she concluded that these saddles would indeed be the perfect compromise between treed and treeless saddles.

Kuda Flex Saddles are made in the USA. They were originally designed for Gaited breeds such as the Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mountain Horse and the Paso Fino and Peruvian Paso.

Kuda Flex Saddles are also now made to suit all horse breeds from high withered Thoroughbreds to super broad backed Quarter horses and of course the notoriously short backed Arab! The entire range of Kuda Flex Saddles are much shorter front to back than any other Western saddle on the market.

If you have been dreaming of a saddle with the security of a Western or Half Breed but still want to feel close to your horse's back as you do in an English saddle, then look no further! Kuda Flex Saddles are just what you've been waiting for!

The Kuda models range from gorgeous light weight Western saddles with or without a horn to stunningly comfortable and versatile Endurance saddles. There are also two beautiful and highly versatile English models to choose from.

Kuda Flexible Bar Saddles are built on the Equi-Fit Flexible Tree made by Steele Saddle Tree Company USA. Steele have been making trees for over 160 years so you can rest assured their trees are one of the best available in the World today.

We offer our customers the comfort of a sound 10 day return policy on all new saddles purchased. Please read full details on our return policy page.

You will also find top quality saddle pads to go with the Kuda Flexible Saddle range, plus gorgeous US made Sidepulls, Headstalls, Reins, Mecate's and much much more!

Any questions please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call. Feel free to mooch around for a bit, there is plenty of great stuff to see!

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