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The All Around Flex Saddle is the ideal saddle for trail riding, Western Pleasure, Western Dressage, Working Equitation or for any riding discipline where horse and rider comfort is of paramount importance. Like all of our saddles, the All Around Flex is extremely secure with its deep seat and wide swell (pommel) and horn.

The All Around Flex also provides an exceptionally close feel to the horse. Unlike most Western saddles, the All Around Flex has less bulk (layers of leather) beneath the riders thighs. This offers the rider a huge opportunity for subtle seat and leg aids with the horse and therefore a more direct communication between horse and rider.

For even more rider security, removable Buck Rolls can be added to your saddle on request. This saddle can also be made without a horn if preferred, Please see photo's.


SEAT SIZES: from 15” to 18” with your choice of seat style
TREE: Equi-Fit Flexible bar
LENGTH: From 22.5” for a 15" Seat.
WEIGHT: From 24 lbs or 10kgs approx.

Comes standard with 2 Latigo's for use with a Western Cinch.

Custom Items: Jeremiah Watt Hardware, Roughout Seat Jockey and Fenders, matching removable Buck Rolls, matching rear Cinch and Hobble, no horn, custom tooling or a padded inset seat. Custom orders are welcome! Additional charges and wait times may apply.

Equi-Fit Flexible Tree

Please note: whilst the horn on this saddle is very sturdy and more than just decorative, it is not recommended that this saddle be used for roping due to the flexibilty of the tree.

Black No Additional Cost
Natural Oil No Additional Cost
Golden No Additional Cost
Chestnut No Additional Cost
Walnut No Additional Cost
Chocolate No Additional Cost
Mahogany No Additional Cost
6.0" Gullet No Additional Cost Medium
6.5" Gullet No Additional Cost Medium to Wide
7.0" Gullet No Additional Cost XWide
7.5" Gullet $220 Extra Charge XXWide
8.0" Gullet $220 Extra Charge XXXW
15" Seat No Additional Cost
15.5" Seat No Additional Cost
16" Seat No Additional Cost
16.5" Seat No Additional Cost
17" Seat No Additional Cost
17.5" Seat $220 Extra Charge
18" Seat $220 Extra Charge

Seat sizes = Western saddle seat sizes. So if you ride in a 17" English saddle you would take a 15" Western Seat. In other words take 2" off your English seat size to get your Western seat size.

Jane & Jeff saddle

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