Kuda Aussie Flex Saddle

RRP $3390 AUD

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The Kuda Aussie Flex Saddle is the first premium quality flexible Half Breed saddle on the market Worldwide so being the Australian distributor for Kuda Saddles USA, well, we are extremely proud to be bring this stunning and innovative saddle to you.

Unlike most Half Breed or Stock Saddles, the Kuda Aussie Flex offers the rider a more neutral riding position - something closer to a "relaxed Dressage position" is the best way to describe it. The majority of traditional Half Breed and Stock saddles place the rider in a "chair position" so if this is what you prefer then perhaps a Kuda Aussie is not for you. Riding in a balanced: head-hip-heel position automatically offers the rider the opportunity to apply quieter aids, react more quickly and contrary to popular belief, offer better security in the saddle. This correctly balanced position over the horses centre of gravity, is far better for your horse as the rider is now much easier to carry. The horse can concentrate on working his 'circle of muscles' rather than worrying about his unbalanced rider that is behind his movement with every stride. All of the Kuda Flex Saddles offer this same wonderful riding position.

SEAT SIZES: 13.5" - 16" (Half Breed seat sizes)
TREE: Equi-Fit Flexible bar.
HARDWARE: Stainless Steel.
RIGGING: Flat plate, dropped in-skirt. Comes standard with 2 Latigo's for use with a Western Cinch.
SADDLE LENGTH: from 22" Great for short backed horses!
WEIGHT: from 23 lbs or 10kgs approx.

CUSTOM ITEMS: Roughout Seat Jockey and Fenders, Custom Tooling, Rear Cinch, Jeremiah Watt Hardware or padded inset seat. Custom orders are welcome! Additional charges and wait times will apply.