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Why Mattes Saddle Pads are the Best:

E.A. Mattes Sheepskin Pads are made with only the finest quality sheepskin and a one-at-a-time mentality that ensures product quality. Pads are
handmade from start to finish with attention to detail that is unparalleled. Each hide is thoroughly inspected, hand picked for quality, and made with full hides to ensure no seams contact the horse’s back.

Design - The anatomically correct topline design of Mattes Sheepskin Pads follows the contours of the horse’s back and allows for a perfect fit under the saddle. The patented SPINE FREE Design ensures the spine is not in contact with any seams, fabric, or tension which eliminates the risk of rubs and pressure on the sensitive area of the back around the spine.

Function - Sheepskin has long been known for it’s amazing natural properties including heat dissemination, breathability and the ability to eliminate friction and bounce. This cannot be imitated by wool pile, artificial fibres or foam.

Correction System - The Mattes CORRECTION-SYSTEM was recently rated the #1 therapeutic pad on the equine market by the Horse Journal.
The Mattes CORRECTION-SYSTEM helps maintain balance and straightness for horses that change form through the seasons or have asymmetries. POLY-FLEX Shims are resilient, do not 'bottom-out' like foam or other materials and allow incremental adjustments to be made easily. The shims are 5mm thick, designed to be layered, and are easily trimmed with scissors to taper the ends and create a pressure free fit if multiple shims are necessary. It also gives riders the ability to balance their own saddles without the need to call in a professional saddle fitter.

MATTES Unique Quilt Design:

- High quality twill fabric, as used to produce heavy duty work clothing.- The inside is double laminate of POLYFLEX (deep needled polyester felt) and polyester wadding - this construction is absolutely air permeable.


- MATTES Quilt-Design results in a quilt that is firm enough to keep its shape. It does not get lumpy and it does not turn limp. Thus it has excellent washing and drying properties. Even after many washings there is no breaking of the laminate along the seams.

- Anatomical correct shape with high wither cut, hence no pressure in the wither area.

A functional, high quality product, though highly fashionable with a choice of more than 25 quilt-, lambskin and piping colours. Simple installation and correct positioning under the saddle because of the padded front trim (where ordered) and adjustable front billets.

MATTES Merino Sheepskin:

MATTES-Lambskin: is made from sheepskins, selected with our own specifications, for its extreme dense and resilient properties, specifically Merino Sheepskin. Since sheepskin has an open structure, air can flow between the fibres, therefore it equalises temperature. Hence it is ideal in Summer and Winter!

It can absorb up to 8-times its wool weight in moisture before it feels wet. The resilience of the wool is ideal for pressure distribution.
The upright standing wool fibres can slide against each other, therefore absolutely no friction of chaffing or rubbing on the horses skin is possible.
IMPORTANT! Pressure itself is not such a problem, but pressure with lateral movement can cause major discomfort and damage!
Because of these properties, MATTES-Lambskin allows development of the muscles.

Worth noting: There are plenty of Neoprene lined equestrian products on the market. It is a fact that Neoprene, except for its shock absorbency, is one of the most unqualified material concerning heat accumulation. Dr David Marlin from the UK, who owns the only (private) test institute for horse equipment, has proven this fact insofar that specifically Neoprene lined horse boots can heat up to the extent that the cell structure of the tendons can be damaged! For this reason, Neoprene is specifically used for its fantastic isolating properties, for instance, why it used in diving suits.


All MATTES Saddle pads are now available in MATTES Velvet material. The new velvet material is made specifically for us from high quality Polyester material according to our high quality requirements. The Velvet fibre is a specially structured lustrous fibre which gives the material that beautiful glossy Velvet look.
This velvet is also very light and wash resistant (considerably better than cotton) and is more durable than normal velvet. Additionally it should be washed in the washing machine and tumble dried like any other MATTES product. This was an absolute material prerequisite for this product!
The soft upper padding is about double the volume of our normal pads, which gives the quilting a beautifully raised surface structure.
The POLY-FLEX layer prevents deformation of the pad, like all MATTES-pads.
The backing is Polyester velour which prevents friction and chaffing of the horses skin with its upright standing fibres.

MATTES CORRECTION-System. When ordered, will be incorporated into your Mattes pad during production.

Multi Pocket and Single Pocket: There are 1, 2 or 3 Pocket CORRECTION-Systems. Maximum 2 for English, Spanish and Baroque Pads and 1 or 3 for Western Pads. Plus the Rio Pecos Western Pad incorporates an additional long pocket for shimming. See details in our Western Pad shop under Rio Pecos Western Pad.

MATTES Saddle Fix System:

SADDLE-FIX-System Saddle Pad Fastener: Safe and quick Fastener System, the ideal improvement to perfect the use of all our SPINE-FREE and especially for our CORRECTION System Saddle Pads. The centre of the pad is lodged high up in the gullet to allow complete freedom for the horses spine. For accurate fastening of combinations of our sheepskin half pads with under pad or top pad. No alteration necessary on saddle. It is adjustable. For use with all types of English saddles.

How to Design your MATTES Saddle Pad:

Step #1 - Choose your saddle pad style.

Step #2 - Choose your saddle pad colour (cotton or Velvet) - see colour charts and links below.

Step #3 - Choose your Sheepskin colour. There are over 30 colours to choose from! See colour charts and links below.

Step #4 - Select 1, 2 or 3 rows of piping (colours of your choosing). See colour charts and links below. Or you can elect to have no piping. Piping is at extra cost.

Step # 5 - Select your binding colour. Binding comes standard on all MATTES pads. See colour charts and links below.

Step #6 - Then you can select a MATTES CORRECTION-System if required.

Step #7 - Follow the link button below to our ONLINE SHOP where you can make your purchase and select the size pad you need. See links below to view the various MATTES Pad Size Charts.

ALL PRICING IS LISTED IN OUR SHOP. Alternatively, you can call 03 5427 3330 or email us at with your order and pay via Direct Deposit: Kuda Saddles Australia, BSB: 033624 Account: 254114.

The Mattes logo can be embroidered onto your pad for free, or you can elect to not have the logo if you prefer. Personalised logos are able to be ordered for an additional fee. Please contact us for details.

MATTES Colour Charts: Click on charts to enlarge...


If you're after some inspiration or some great colour co-ordinated ideas, please click on the Mattes Fashion Line pictures below where you can view 30 carefully selected colour combinations:

Click on Size Charts below to enlarge:

Mattes Girths and Cinches:

Care Instructions:


Always remove Lambskin products from the saddle after riding and hang up in an airy, dry place. Heavy soiling or heavily stuck together wool, looses its therapuetic properties.

It is preferable to wash more often. Components in the horses sweat in high concentration, can affect the leather when usiing the product intensively without washing! Do NOT leave products in washing machine after washing.

There is a possibility of dye bleeding from dark or bright coloured skin and pipings onto light coloured quilt. Also using wrong washing detergent can cause dye bleeding on quilt. A slight staining is possible from dark or bright coloured wool onto the hair of grey horses. Fading of the wools surface is also possible. This is due to the composition of the horses' sweat, which can be different from horse to horse. The same applies to dark and bright dyes on saddle leathers.

Generally follow the instructions on the product care labels that you will receive with your Mattes products. Claims may be invalid due to wrong care.

Attention: Too high temperature in washing and/or drying can cause irreparable shrinkage of lambskin and quilt fabric. The lambskin will probably be completely destroyed.

Always wash Saddle Pads and Fleece rugs separately. Do not overload washing machine. There might be some wool fibres coming off from the seams in the first few washes.


* Always wash saddle pads inside out. To prevent the pad from turning, fasten the girth Velcro's across each other (English pads only).
* Always stick Velcro's together on all products.
* Remove POLY-FLEX shims from the Correction System as well as SADDLE-FIX, if applicable.

Saddle Girths:

* Remove plastic inserts. It is imperative to reinstall after drying!
* Wash Base-Girth in a washing bag. We recommend our heavy-duty Mattes washing bags. They are available in our shop under Saddle Care.
* Close the Velcro fasteners on the lambskin cover and wash outside the washing bag in the same wash.

Professional Horse Boots:

* Put the shells inside to inside and fasten with the Velcro fasteners and wash in the washing bag. Wash lambskin liners in the sale wash but outside of the bag.
* Use our MELP regreasing washing agent to nourish and protect the leather patch of the shell as well as the lambskin.

HI-PRO Fleece Boots:

* IMPORTANT! Always close zips and Velcro for washing!
* Use our MELP regreasing washing agent to nourish and protect the leather patch of the Fleece Boots.


Heavy duty MATTES washing bags for girths as well as boots are available in our shop.
MATTES special detergent, MELP, is specially developed for lambskin products. Customary detergents do NOT POSSESS REGREASING PROPERTIES and can contain ingredients which could damage the lambskin permanently. The leather could become stiff and break and the wool could get brittle and felted (bare patches). Therefore please only use our detergent, MELP for best results.


Machine wash (recommended) is more effective than hand washing. Wash with maximum water level. Temperature 30 degrees Celsius. Normal spin
(Centrifuge normal). Hand wash with plenty of water, rinse well. Squeeze out excess water. Temperature 30 degrees Celsius. DO NOT WRING!


General rule: Pull the product in shape before completely dry and then finish drying.
Recommendation: Dry in tumble dryer! The wool gets fluffy and the leather stays soft and elastic. DRY ON COOL CYCLE or: dry in an airy, dry and shady place.


* Always close zips and velcroes for washing.
* Wash all pads inside out
* Remove the POLY-FLEX shims from the Correction System as well as SADDLE-FIX, if applicable.
* Remove plasic inserts only from SLIM-LINE girths and cinches or girths with sewn on lambskin. It is imperative to reinstall after drying!
* Wash Base-Girth and Horse Boot hardshells in the Mattes Washing bag only.
* Only use MELP regreasing washing agent. Available in 50, 250, 500, 1000 and 2500 ml bottles from our shop. Follow this link button to purchase -

Please note: There are No Returns possible on Mattes Saddle Pads or Equestrian Products as they are Custom Ordered Items.
Please allow 6 weeks for your order to be delivered.

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