Customer Testimonials:

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"I absolutely love it!"

"I picked my saddle up from the post office this morning and I absolutely love it!! Tried it on Smoke my 5 year old Brumby and it fits him really well and looks amazing on him also I had a short ride, walk trot and canter, including a canter to halt transition, and it sat on him perfectly, didn't move around or slip at all and he felt great working in it! Thank you so much I love it. It will look fantastic when we present demos at Equitana and other events as well as being my every day work saddle".

Georgia - G.C. Natural Horsemanship, Geelong, Vic

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"Love it..."

Hi Di,

First ride in our brand new Kuda All Around Flex saddle love it love it, very nice saddle!! Thanks guys!

Jessie-Lee - NSW

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"He has lost none of his softness & bend..."

Hi Dianne

We are both "very happy". Rides beautifully & he has lost none of his softness & bend.
Thanks very much.

Leanne - Tasmania

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"Eagle is realising this saddle doesn’t hurt and he was so relaxed out on the trails...."

Hi Di,
Thanks for making yourself available to help me with girthing today. Eagle and I enjoyed a 20 min ride through the bush...he was mostly really good, spooked and rushed forward at one point and boy was I glad I was in the Kuda, stuck in it no worries...would have fallen off in my old GP. The saddle was really comfy. Eagle was weary of it, I think because the last saddle caused him discomfort but I am hoping with each ride, he will relax and feel comfortable with it. I will send a photo and another update once we have had a few more rides.
Thanks again!…..

I have had another two rides in the Aussie now. Yesterday’s ride was by far the seems Eagle is realising this saddle doesn’t hurt and he was so relaxed out on the trails. For myself, the saddle is already feeling like ‘home’...very comfy indeed. When I took the saddle off, the sweat marks were completely even across the whole saddle region.

Charlene - SA

"We absolutely love it..."

Hi Di,
I have to say that the gorgeous Kuda saddle is very comfortable!! I have only had a 10 minute ride in it myself but my Dad and Husband have ridden in it for a few hours each and both are very happy with it!! We absolutely love it, the mare it was made for has not shown any discomfort at all and we have been on some long tough sand dune rides this week during which she has been behaving well and has not shown any soreness after our rides! It seems I may have to get saving to get one for my little filly!! Thank you so much for all of your assistance and patience during the purchase stage, I am extremely happy with your service and the gorgeous saddle!

Terri - Qld

"It is the first Western saddle I love riding in..."

Di, I had a chance to ride on Saturday and I LOVE it!!! It is the first Western saddle I love riding in. I rode on an Anglo Arab mare and surprisingly it fit her quite well, I thought I might need to really pad it up, (Nicole purchased an 8" gullet for her large Paint horses but is also able to use it on her Anglo Arab) but I didn’t. She is wide like an Arab though, just with a big wither.

Nicole - Toowoomba, Qld

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"You will not get me in any other saddle unless it's a Kuda!!"

"I have never ever ridden in such a comfy saddle, I have contact with my legs all the way down :) and it looks like it's going to fit my welshy as well!! Will ride a bit longer in the morning and give it a good go.....I'm loving it :)
I rode Caspa again this morning, and I can honestly say I have never ridden in a saddle as good as this......will try and get some photos of the welshy as well this arvo, you will not get me in any other saddle unless it's a Kuda!!
Thank you so much Di, I could just hug you :)"

Michelle - Cairns, QLD

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"A saddle that actually fits - and it is divine ..."

Floss got the BEST Christmas present ever! A saddle that actually fits - and it is divine! Huge thank you to Di from Kuda Saddles Australia for your brilliant customer service....
Had a great ride in my lovely new saddle today. I really love the position it puts you in and such a comfy seat. Floss travelled really well and considering how long a break she's had as she's been out with an injury, she did amazingly. Love my Kuda!!

Tori - Ashton, SA

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"My Bowen Therapist is jealous..."

My Bowen Therapist says it is a really good fit too! and she was jealous! hahaha

Catherine - Ballarat, Vic

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"I Love it!"

Hi Di. The saddle is very comfy. I love it!

Paula - Vic

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"He moves as well as he does bareback..."

"Hey Dianne, Tex felt really comfortable in my new Kuda, it feels so much more stable than a treeless saddle, but you can feel the very slight movement in the saddle with the leather tree moving with the horse. He moves as well as he does bareback so that is a good sign. He couldn't move properly at all in my other half-breed saddle or my dressage saddle. It left a perfect sweat mark.

Kellie rode Spotty in the Kuda saddle this morning and she loved it. He was super comfy and walked faster than he has walked in ages. He has really damaged muscles in his back from many years of bad saddle fit, and he loved the Kuda. It's awesome"!

Sandi - Ballarat, Vic

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"I think this is when I started to cry..."

Hi Dianne
Thank you so much for letting me try the All Around Flex Saddle. I am very impressed with the quality and look of this saddle. It is just gorgeous. What I like the best, is these saddles are so short and light. It fitted my Arab Mare very well (Arab is short-backed). The saddle put me in a very balanced position and felt very comfortable and secure. Even after 2 hours of riding I had no back pain or hip pain and that is usually a very big issue for me. I was a very very happy rider. Now to the important part - my horse. After just 3 minutes or so she started to completely relax. Her head went down and she started to make happy little snorts and put her back up which made riding very comfortable for me. Like I told you, all my other saddles (by now 4) slip over her shoulder which makes her go down hills very fast (scary). This saddle didn't move. She walked nice and slow down the hills and I think this is when I started to cry as she had never done this before. I cannot believe what a difference a well fitting saddle makes. That was for sure the best ride I have ever had on her. All together we had a happy horse and rider and I would recommend your saddles to everyone and i would like to buy one.
Thank you again for all your help and for bringing these saddles to Australia. WELL DONE!!
All the best and happy trails (as they will be with the new saddle).

Micki - Daylesford, Vic

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His Canter is an absolute rocking horse dream...

Hi Dianne,

Just letting you know my saddle arrived at Tambar Springs today, and I couldn't wait to go for a ride. I think it is fairly safe to say that after only one ride I will NOT be requiring a refund.

The horse I bought the saddle for, Cash, a VERY wide 5 year old quarter horse, is usually so cranky when we go for a ride, and I know that is because the saddle I rode him in was too narrow across his shoulders making him sore and uncomfortable. Normally when I ask for a canter he does so begrudgingly and with his ears back flat against his neck the whole time and a hump or two in protest. As a result and out of concern for him because he is my baby, he has had very little work, and nothing too complex because he was always sore across the shoulders and got around with a hollowed out back and high head - not a pretty look for a quarter horse.

Today - after I figured out how to do the latigo girth up (having never used one before) and having Cash try to get away from the saddle as he does with my old saddle - we walked around for about ten minutes, his head got lower and lower and he started licking his lips. Taking this as a good sign I asked for a trot and canter. At first Cash was reluctant but after a few strides he softened up so unbelievably well and every canter after that was hump free and an absolute rocking horse dream. If it hadn't started raining after an hour, I would still be riding. When I took the saddle off there were no sore or dry areas from uneven pressure on his back.

I cannot thank you enough for answering all my questions and helping me decide which Kuda saddle was right for me. The Elite Flex is perfect and feels like I have been riding in it for years. I will recommend you to everyone I know - whether they ask or not. I have tried to enter this testimonial onto your website, but couldn't work out how so please know that I am absolutely thrilled with my new saddle and will look to you again next time when I buy my dressage saddle.

Cash's days of lolling around the paddock getting fat on air are over, he and I have so much to catch up on and many an adventure to be had.

Thank you again.

Rebecca - NSW

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I have completed two 40km rides with no problems...

My horse and I both love our Kuda Aussie Flex saddle. It fits my short, broad backed Quarab perfectly and is very comfy. The saddle is finished to a high standard, even my hubby commented on its looks and he is not horsey. Di was very helpful in helping me choose what I needed in my saddle, there are heaps of options. One of my friends has already ordered a girth and saddleblanket based on what she has seen and I will certainly be ordering more gear. I have completed two 40km training rides in my Kuda saddle with no problems at all.

Sharon - WA

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The perfect answer to my dilemma...

GREAT customer service! Di was patient, knowledgable and gave me confidence to buy such an important item before being able to try it first hand. After many emails and phone calls I was ready to purchase my beautiful saddle fully fitted with girth and saddle pad. The quality of my Aussie Flex saddle is just awesome and it was the perfect answer to my dilemma of a having new horse that nothing else would fit. I will be spreading the name KUDA here in Western Australia.

Brana - WA

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I had my first canter in about 5 years...

I've owned and ridden in quite a few saddles but this is the first time I've bought a custom made saddle and I want to say it is worth it. I had become too anxious to canter and had given up trying. But on my second ride in my new Kuda I had my first canter in about 5 years ! Milo and I both enjoyed it and I am a lot more confident that I will stay on if something unexpected happens. Hooray for buck rolls !
Dianne is lovely to deal with and is always quick to return calls or find out information. I've now ordered 2 more saddles for my children.

Catriona - WA

The Satisfaction Guarantee gave me peace of mind...

Kuda saddles came highly recommended to me from both personal friends and a saddle fitter as a flexible saddle that was kind to horses backs. New to the 'Western' style of riding I needed a fair bit of help to figure out what was going to be right for myself and my young warmblood horse. We are into dressage and working equitation and do a fair bit of trail riding as well so I wanted a nice looking, comfy saddle that would last for years and complement my dressage saddle as well as be useful for trail riding and the cattle aspect of working equitation.

Dianne was very helpful and responsive to all my emails and texts. She helped me find a saddle that would fit both myself and my horse and the 10 day money back return guarantee helped me with peace of mind as to fitting the saddle correctly after a horror experience fitting a dressage saddle that left me $500 out of pocket, hours of my time lost and still without a usable saddle.

I settled on an All Round Flex Saddle and what a well made, good looking saddle it is. The attention to detail and quality shines through and I know I will have a saddle that will last me the next 20 years. The saddle itself looks great, the colours and leather are beautiful and I get lots of comments on it. Best of all it sits me in the correct position and is very comfortable. It was a bit daunting in a western style saddle for the first time coming from years of dressage but the saddle is very secure and well made and I feel great in it.

Dianne was incredibly patient with my fitting concerns and talked me through various options and how to best fit the saddle to a young, growing horse that will change shape quite a bit over the next few years. She was instantly responsive every time which surprised me, in the past saddle fitters/makers etc tend to leave you hanging for hours if not days at a time.

Dianne had a solution for everything and I felt I was getting a fair price and value for money every step of the way.

I couldn't be happier with the service or the product. It's worth every cent.

Thanks Di! You rock!
Lee - NSW

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I have a very happy horse and I simply love the saddle...

After a long and exciting wait I took delivery of my new Kuda Rancher saddle in early August. My first reaction was one of pure delight at the beautiful workmanship and quality of leather. The luxurious fluffiness of the Mattes Correction pad and cinch blew me away. But did it fit my high withered 22 year old thoroughbred? With Di’s expert and patient guidance via email I placed shims in the pockets in an arrangement that seemed likely to work well for PJ who has a quite a hollow behind his shoulder blade. The difference and relief this horse felt was visible from the moment I walked and trotted him in a circle on a line. He was more forward, swinging along and he would depart into trot without throwing his head up and hollowing his back. This has translated to a very similar experience when ridden, his walk is relaxed and really ‘going somewhere’ without me ever asking him to keep going. Where he used to just want to stay close to home now he heads out eagerly without a backward glance and marches along happily. He strides downhill in a very relaxed manner where before in a dressage saddle he seemed to struggle with downhill stretches and really slow down and pick his way. I can’t thank Di enough for her expert help and prompt replies to my emails as I gradually worked out what amount of shims worked best. I had only ever ridden in English style saddles so saddle placement with a western saddle was a bit of a mystery to me but Di was very helpful and
we have it right now. I have a very happy horse and I simply love the saddle, it is super comfortable and I feel very secure in it.

Trudi - Vic

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"No more sore spots..."

Hi Di

Here are a couple of photos of Ellie with her kuda saddle. She is going really well & building muscle in her shoulders and bum. Rebecca has been checking her regularly & no more sore spots.

Jo - Sydney